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HEllo, I'm
Ivan Zheng

UX Designer / Frontend Developer



· 20+ Years' IT Experience
· WEB developer since 1997;
· Built >40 various websites;
· 8+ years team-leader experience;
· English as 2nd major.

  • Name: Ivan Zheng ZeCheng (郑泽成)
  • Email: ivan@iiiok.com
  • Phone: (086) - 13360093630
  • Date of birth: 25 June 1976
  • Nationality: Hong Kong, China
  • Skills: HTML, CSS, JavaScript,Jquery, ASP, Php, NoSQL, MSSQL, Photoshop, ReactJS, AngularJS, Node.JS, Flash, Dreamweaver, SublimeTxt
  • Current Job: CHINA TELECOM (ShenZhen)
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    My Skills



    I have a wide spectrum of knowledge and skills

    Solid understand of application development, computer programming and architecture design.

    My Front-end Skill Chart


    • </HTML> , #CSS
    • Photo Composition
    • JavaScript, $(Jquery)
    • ReactJS , AngularJS
    • Dreamweaver, SublimeTxt
    • Google Analythics & SEO
    • Browser Family, FireBugs
    • Video Editing
    • Node.JS, Compilers

    My Back-end Skill Chart


    • Server Deployment
    • Web Usability
    • IIS/LAMP
    • ASP, Php / CMS
    • Sybase/MSSQL/NoSQL
    • Cloud Computing
    • Network Security
    • Web Security


    Native speaker of both Mandarin and Cantonese; English is my 2nd major;

    Fundamental knowledge of Japanese.

    English Advanced
    Japanese Basic


    I have been working at CHINA TELECOM (ShenZhen), as a TECHNICAL ENGINEER for almost 20 years.
    Prepared myself so well with all sort of skills in the fields of Telecom, IT infrastructure and WEB development.

    Functional or Public

    Web developer

    1997 - 2017
    · I, occasionally as freelancer, have built some 40+ internal or public websites for various organizations;
    · Built my first website back in 1997, and HTML coding since then;
    See my works >>
    Project Management


    10 years
    · Hands-on experience in IT system deployment, optimization, infrastructure allocation and daily maintenance.
    · Managed IT systems, range from Telecommunications, Networking to WEB Services and Databases (Sybase & MS-SQL);
    · Set up and configure security systems, anti-virus, control software and firewalls to stop potential intrusions.
    · Analyze independently and quickly resolve critical system/network issues.
    Innovative / Research


    · Online Paying System through CTI(Computer-Telephony Integration) platform;
    · Bring in SMS as VPN's secondary authentication factor;
    · Human–Computer Interaction study : Synchronize online content with offline events.
    IT Manager

    Team Lead

    8 years
    · Hands-on, dedicated professional with over 8 years of experience in Telecom/IT platform maintenance management.
    · Provide leadership and vision for the IT department include strategic planning , improvement, modification of information systems.
    · Reviewing new applications / technologies and security;
    · Adept in building strong relationships with IT staff, customers and third party contractors.


    After graduated

    from ShenZhen University, I was recruited by a controlled company of ChinaTelecom. And there did My post-school education begin. After a few years' endeavor I got the hardearned Self-taught Undergraduate diploma, majored in English. But my learning did not stop there...

    Guangdong University of Foreign Studies

    Undergraduate | English

    1999 - 2004
    Self-taught Higher Education Examinations
    Shenzhen University

    Information Technology

    1994 - 1997
    Junior College


    I have built Some 40+ internal or public websites for various organizations;
    Flash Movie, Video Editing and Photo Design enthusiast;
    Principle: Balance efficiency with functionality, but never compromise the Aesthetic Pursuit.


    Let's Keep In Touch

    Rm 12-E, TianJian Millennium Garden, CaiTian Road, ShenZhen, China PRC.
    (086) - 13360093630

    I'm also on Social Networks

    Why  ,   Why me

    I believe I'll make the team even stronger!

    Ivan Zheng